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Character sheet

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Character sheet Empty Character sheet

Post by Syn-auron on Wed Apr 23, 2014 4:26 pm

This is the template you must follow to create your character, unless you're bringing a sheet from another website. As we said in the rules, you will still be asked to follow certain parts of our template along with the other one, and you must also link us to the website in which it originated from. It must link to the template, and not your own, since you would already be showing your own anyways.

Character sheet:


Race:(Is it human? Or something else?)
ethnicity:(white, african-american, asian, hispanic, etc. etc.)
Class: (i.e. warrior, mage, priest, hunter, etc. etc.)
body type
: (Is s/he muscular, or average? Thin, or fat?)
Talents or traits:
Flaws: (the minimum is three, but you can add as many as you want.)
weapon type: (If no weapon, just put magic, or fists, or if nothing at all, just right nothing.)
Facial features:(Does s/he have a scar? Maybe facial hair? Describe it a little bit, but not too much.)
Body features: (Any scars? tattoos?)
Clothing:(What is the basic attire for your character?)
Magic: (Does your character have any skills or magic skills that follow his specific class? if they are too powerful, you will have to set a specific level for your character to earn this skill or magic skill.)
Personal history:(This is just for fun, you don't even have to do anything with it. If you decide to, it's just here to give your character a little bit more of a life like feeling.

This would be a half decent character sheet:

Character sheet:
Name: andrew
Age: 19
Race: Human
Class: warrior
height: 5"4
body type: average
Personality: He has an easy going personality. He doesn't strive for too much, but when he find something he truly wants, he will break his back to achieve it.
Talents or traits: Plays the guitar really well.
Flaws: Adhd, smoker, he can't walk for extended amounts of time due to a bad knee.
weapon type: sword
Facial features: He has a scar going down across his left eye
Body features: none
Clothing: White t-shirt, and blue jeans. He wears a black mask over his face.
Magic: He can charge his blade with a flame for the next attack he does. It increases the damage he does and leaves the target with a burn. He can only use this five times in a fight.
Personal history: He grew up in the city, with a rich family. His father used to take him outside to play baseball or basket ball, and took him on hikes around the forest. One day, while they were out walking, his father was attacked by four swordsmen hiding their faces with masks. They killed his father, but when they went after andrew, he fought back, and took one of the men down, before the rest started to run away. He kept the mask and the sword he got off of the man he killed. He swore he would find the people who killed his father, and take revenge.

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