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The storyline

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The storyline Empty The storyline

Post by Syn-auron on Wed Apr 23, 2014 10:58 pm

Days of darkness have fallen over the fantasy islands once more. Each island had faced a tragic a war with a dark lord who lives in the castle of stal. The castle of stal was a hovering island which brought death to all who tried to reach it. Fantasy islands mightiest team has fallen, and now the people cry out for new heroes to rise up and take down the dark lord, and bring peace back to fantasy islands.

The day that people have hoped for has come. You are the new hero. You are the one who can help the people, and bring peace to the land. There are other heroes in this world who are also trying to help, and with their help, the land can be freed.

Team up with others, join a guild, and fight to save the world of FANTASY ISLANDS.

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