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Rules and restirctions.

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Rules and restirctions. Empty Rules and restirctions.

Post by Syn-auron on Wed Apr 23, 2014 12:28 am

These rules, while they are not extremely strict, are the basic outline of our societal structure as a site. If you choose not to follow the rules listed below, you will face the consequences listed below the rules. If the administrators find the offense bad enough, consequences will be skipped to protect the website or the members of the website.

1.) We are a family here. We may not see each other as great friends, or even friends at all, but even some siblings will fight. Therefore, if any one player is being targeted, members must immediately contact a moderator of any level that is online who can take care of the issue. The members are also asked to copy down the conversation, or posts, so that we may have it as evidence of the antagonizers offenses. After the elites come to a decision on the punishment, an administrator will look over everything, and approve or disapprove depending on the number of times that player has broken the rules, or the severity of the offense. Members will always receive a chance to defend their positions.

2.) We do not allow power-play or god-mod. Players will show respect to their fellow members, and keep things clean.

3.) If a moderator does tell you to quit doing something, you will not argue against it. They said stop for a reason, but, you are allowed to ask for the reason. If you find it unfair, report it to an administrator, and we will look over it.

4.) Profanity is not completely restricted, but we do ask that you be mindful of other members. Such words as f***, c***(both words), and b**** are not allowed. If a moderator does tell you to stop swearing, it is either because you are not being mindful of other members, or because you are using it too much. That can be annoying, and moderators are allowed to tell you to stop. Some mods are also allowed to say no profanity at all, and in that case, you may not use any of them, with the exception of damn, or hell(You must still be mindful, or those words will also be restricted as well.)

5.) Sexual content is not approved of by forumotion, therefore, you are not allowed to show any pictures, nor can you post a sexual roleplay. If either of these are caught, you are permanently banned from the site.

6.) Kissing is annoying. Don't fill up an entire roleplay section with make out scenes. You can have up to five posts, and that includes all members involved, whether together, or separate. The rules are that you may resume after ten to twenty posts after the kissing montage.

7.) Do not double post in any forum. This is seen as bumping the topic, and all of the mods will be asked to ignore any bumped topics. Most mods are very busy, and do not have time to continuously check your topic. Be patient, and we will take care of it.

8.) You must follow our character template, or, if you are bringing a character from another website, please share a link so that we may check the template from there. We will be fair, and allow you to bring characters over, so long as they aren't over powered. You will still be asked to follow certain parts of our template even if they are from another site though.

9.) For your safety, do not post personal information such as last names, phone numbers, pictures of yourself(Unless used in the art gallery, but do not indicate that it is you in them.) etc. etc.

10.) We know you watch all kinds of shows, and like to talk about the shows afterwards. We do ask that before you post, indicate that it is a spoiler, so that you don't ruin it for other players. That is not fair.

11.) Your character must be approved by at the lowest, an Elite moderator. If you are caught posting without having your character approved, you will receive a day banned, along with your posts deleted and your character sheet deleted as well. This is harsh, but you should have thought about it before you broke the rule. If continued offenses, your IP address will be recorded, and your account will be deleted.

12.) No double accounting. This is why your IP address will be recorded (Stated in rule 11). This is to prevent players who have been permanently banned from returning. You were kicked for a reason, and that does not mean you can just restart.

13.) If for whatever reason you feel you banned unfairly, you are allowed to contact a fellow member, who can report it to the admins, and will give us time to look over the offense, and we will reconsider your banishment. If your account was deleted, we will consider allowing you to create a second account. If you are allowed back in, you have exactly two weeks to prove that you deserved the second chance by following the rules. If your account was deleted, we will have your character sheets copied down. We're not animals. If someone did not copy down your character sheet, then they will receive a punishment that the admins deem fit.

14.) If you die, you will respawn back in your apartment, or back at beginners island if you do not own an apartment yet. The only way a character can truly be killed is if the member chooses to "Delete" the character. In order to do this, however, you must contact an admin who will then delete the character sheet, and the sheet can never be recovered again. If you ever plan on recreating that character, you must copy the character sheet yourself, and keep it. You can delete a player as many times as you want and recreate them, but every time they are recreated, they start back at level one, and with the original items. If you plan on deleting a character, don't spend to much experience on them.

15.) I know some kids think it's cool to do drugs, and here at fantasyislands, we don't mind that. What we do mind is when you post about drugs. If your character has a drug problem, then don't make it obvious. In the character creation, you must write out that he has some addictions, and leave it at that. To keep the drug use less obvious, make the character do something like repetitive sniffling, or scratching, or whatever side effects you think should be there, but never flat out say that your character is using them, or post about your character doing them. Smoking and alcohol do not follow that rule, but you must state that the character smokes as one of his/her flaws, or alcoholic as a flaw. We don't support the use of these, but we understand that it helps with the characters personality, so we don't hassle that as much. Just don't get too repetitive, or we will have to intervene.

16.) If you post with a character that has been deleted, or post with a character who has been thrown in a jail cell before his sentence is up, then you will be banned for a week. This is the strictest rule we have, and it is only to make sure that you follow the rules of fantasy islands, along with the laws of each island. If you wish to defend yourself before you are banned, put in an immediate message within 24 hours before you are banned. We will listen and decide if it should be listed as a warning or not.

17.)Once you create a character, and it is approved, the first thing you must do before posting in any other forum, is post in the Beginners island. It's just a way to mark down which members have really read the rules, and which ones haven't. Even if you've already created a character, and you are planning to create a new one, you still need to make the new character spawn in the beginners island. If you are caught doing anything else before, your posts will be deleted, and if it is repeated, the character risks deletion.

18.) Over all, have fun. You're here to do something you enjoy, not worry about breaking a rule every time you post. As the moderators of this site, we are also here to have fun, and don't want to ruin that for anyone else.

1st offense: warning
2nd offense: warning
3rd offense: one day ban from chat box
4th offense:one day ban
5th offense:one week ban
6th offense: one month ban
7th offense: permanent ban.

As stated above, certain punishments can be skipped depending on severity of the offense.

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