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The shop and shop rules

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The shop and shop rules Empty The shop and shop rules

Post by Syn-auron on Thu Apr 24, 2014 12:01 am

The shop has several items to help you succeed in your fight against the dark lord. Everything here comes with a cost though, and that cost is your experience. Each post you make will increase your experience by some amount. Experience can be earned faster by posting in certain forums, but most forums will earn you a little bit. There are rules to the shop, and they must be followed.


1.) If you do not have the experience needed for the item, don't bother. This is annoying.
2.) If you would like to purchase an item from the shop, you must first check your experience, and then you must send a personal message to an admin, who will consider your purchase, and then let you know if you can make the purchase. Sometimes, admins might think you are not ready to have the item. If you pester them, they are allowed to deny you any purchases they want to after that.
3.) Be patient. We won't always be able to get your message immediately. If you contact a different admin with the same thing, we are allowed to deny you purchase simply because you were pestering.
4.) Please notify that you have read the rules by typing in red font. This is to make sure you have read the rules, and are following them. The color will change in case of a shop rule addition or subtraction, so make sure you are watching.

Shop items

Level up!: Cost is 50 multiplied by your characters current level. If your character is level 1, then the cost will be 50 experience. If level 2, the cost will be 100 experience, and so on.
Weapon upgrade: Cost is 300 multiplied by the weapons current material tier. The material tiers are  listed below.
Tier 1: Wood
Tier 2: Iron
Tier 3: Steel
Tier 4: Bone
Tier 5: Gold
Tier 6: Diamond
Tier 7: Fantasy stone
Tier 8: Dragon scale
Tier 9: Obsidian metal
Armor upgrade: Cost is 300 multiplied by armors current material tier. The material tiers are listed below.
Tier 1: Cloth
Tier 2: Wool
Tier 3: Leather
Tier 4: Iron
Tier 5: Steel
Tier 6: gold
Tier 7: Dragon scale
Potions: Buying these will increase your characters stats. The stats they affect, and their prices are listed below.
Strength: 500 experience
Speed: 400 experience
Magic: 500 experience
Evasiveness: 300 experience
Defense: 400 experience
Magic defense: 400 experience
Weapon skill: 100 experience
Increase health: 500 experience
All Stats: 2000 experience
New weapon: This allows you to switch your main weapon with a different weapon. If you choose to do this, though, the weapons material will be bumped back by 2 tiers. It costs 1000 experience
Create your own quest: This option will let you create a quest that you and up to 5 other members can go on. The quest must have an admin or an Elite mod to guide the storyline, so this will allow the players to have someone control the monsters and create a challenge for the players. If a player dies within a quest, that player is kicked from the quest, and will not be able to rejoin the quest, therefore denying any bonus experience they earn from it. The reward for completing a quest varies on the amount of players left, and the amount of fighting done by each character. To purchase a quest, you must ask an admin that you would like to handle the quest, and find at least one other player, not including the admin, to join you. You must also have at least 1500 experience to create one.
Instant revive: This allows you to revive your character on the spot. You must purchase this at the time of death, so you can not hoard these, or lie. If you are caught lying, you will be banned for a day. Purchase cost is 850 experience.
The Island Creator : Do you want to see your own Fantasy Island? For 10,000 experience, you can create your very own island. When you ask to purchase one, you will have to design the island yourself, and propose it to the admins. The admins will then give it a good look over, and return to you with a few questions and concerns. The process, unless you really hit a good idea, can take up to 5 days. After it's creation, the island will be formed shortly after, with your name on the title description to show you created it. Bonus, if your island becomes really popular afterwards, you will receive a free mystery gift.
Mystery gift: This is a gift from the gods and goddesses of Fantasy islands. It will always be a decent gift, and can bring great fortune to your character. It costs 1000 experience.
The Dark Lords wheel of pain: By purchasing this, you get a chance of getting a special prize from the dark lord. The prize, however, will not always be a good one. A list of prizes will be written below. The cost of a spin is 500 experience.
Health cut in half for a week, or until you die 5 times.
Weapon tier dropped to wood.
Armor tier dropped to cloth.
Weapon tier and armor tier upgrade by 2 tiers.
Free all stats potion.
Teleportation to random quest. (Quest will usually be hardcore.)
Instant revive for one of your fellow players.
Large boss encounter.
Free experience. (Will result in another spin on a different wheel.)
Lose experience. (Will also result in another spin.)
Instant death.

The wheel of pain will be spun from another website. Contact Syn-auron only for use of the wheel of pain.

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